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Choose your Amazing Virtual Escape Experience

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The Diamond Maze Virtual Experience is the ultimate team challenge guided by your very own eccentric Maze Master, who will take you around four fully themed adventure zones - Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic before your final challenge at the Diamond Dome!

Each zone will feature four games: Mental, Skill, Physical and Mystery!

The game lasts for 60 minutes.

The game is played on the web-conference app, Zoom. You and your team compete in a series of challenges to be played in your home. Players need a stable internet connection, a free Zoom account, a working web browser, laptop/tablet, and pen and paper.

We do advise six players to a team. You can play across multiple households.

The Mysterious Disappearance

You don't need superpowers to save the world. You just need great teamwork, good communication, and plenty of brainpower! An avid blogger Kesta Pluyon has disappeared! But wait did Kesta leave clues about her disappearance that only smart detectives like you and your friends would know how to decipher? Let’s hope you’re up to the challenge.

The game lasts for 60 minutes.

We do advise six players to a team. You can play across multiple households.

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Murder - Mystery


Step back into the pages of history and see if you can solve a dastardly crime. The year is 1914 and the wealthy Sir Charles Blackwood has been found dead under unusual circumstances. The onset of war meant the case remains to this day, unsolved. A mysterious Will surfaces naming you as the sole beneficiary of his estate, the race is on to solve the cold case, bring justice to the Blackwood Mansion, and inherit your fortune!

Game 001

Fonseca Guzman is a famous drug lord in Mexico. Apart from drug dwellings, his major interest is in collecting famous art and vintage jewels from around the world.

The United Kingdom is under chaos as the Queen’s vintage ancestral diamond necklace was stolen from a charity event that happened on 15th May at the Windsor Palace.

Interpol is suspecting this as an act of the infamous Guzman. You have been approached to retrieve the stolen diamond necklace.

No one can know the Interpol is involved in this.

Good luck and God speed

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In this hacking game, you will work as hackers on a special mission. A
secret organization has illegally obtained a large amount of data. Their
goal is to sell this data. The potential buyers are suspected to be
a known criminal organization.

You are going to hack the system via the computer of an employee of
the organization.  Get yourself embedded in the system so we can track the buyers and complete the mission.


  • Once you make the payment online you will receive an email with your login details to play the game.

  • Install Zoom or any other video conference app and invite your friends

  • One player will act as the Captain who will share the screen. All the other team members will guide him in the mission.

  • There are no restrictions on number of players. But we advise max 4-6 players for better coordination and to avoid chaos.

  • The game duration is 90 to 120 minutes. However, the login details will be valid for 240 minutes after you start the game. Login details valid only for 1 session.

  • Within the game there are unlimited hints and solutions which help you in moving forward in case you are stuck at any place.

  • You can play on Desktop/Laptop and require internet connectivity.

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