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Mission: The Heist

Game 001

Fonseca Guzman is a famous drug lord in Mexico. Apart from drug dwellings his major interest is in collecting famous art and vintage jewels from around the world.

United Kingdom is under chaos as the Queen’s vintage ancestral diamond necklace was stolen from a charity event which happened on 15th May at the Windsor Palace.

Interpol is suspecting this as an act of the infamous Guzman.You have been approached to retrieve the stolen diamond necklace .

No one can know the Interpol is involved in this.

Good luck and God speed

Special Price of Rs. 799/- Per Game

For customers outside India : Please email us your details with preferred date to

We will ensure your booking and send you an online payment link.



You have been captured by a crazy man and he has locked you in a room. He is obsessed with puzzles and has given you a chance to escape if you can solve all the puzzles.



  • Once you make the payment online you will receive an email with your login details to play the game.

  • Install Zoom or any other video conference app and invite your friends

  • One player will act as the Captain who will share the screen. All the other team members will guide him in the mission.

  • There are no restrictions on number of players. But we advise max 4-6 players for better coordination and to avoid chaos.

  • The game duration is 90 to 120 minutes. However, the login details will be valid for 240 minutes after you start the game. Login details valid only for 1 session.

  • Within the game there are unlimited hints and solutions which help you in moving forward in case you are stuck at any place.

  • You can play on Desktop/Laptop and require internet connectivity.

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